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Borgobuono produces fresh portioned meats, fresh sausages, cold cuts and hams.
Our clients are the main players in the Italian Modern Distribution and we are now developing new business also in the international market.

The Mission

Having solid roots in the artisan tradition, taking great care to meet the latest demand of our customers and providing high quality services and products: these are the values we uphold to be a dynamic and evolving presence in the market.
An accurate selection of raw materials, the constant attention on the qualitative standards of our products, our logistic organization, production capacity, professionalism and passion allow us to meet our costumers demand with accuracy and efficiency.


A modern plant of more than 10.000 square meters (2 acres) situated in the hearth of Romagna, offers advanced technologies for different production lines, curing methods and packaging.
Production processes, entrusted to expert personnel, are ensured by the more authoritative and international system and product food safety certifications (UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, BRC, IFS, AIC – Italian Celiac Association Vademecum).
Power supply to the processing centre is guaranteed also by the latest generation of a photovoltaic plant that allows to reduce polluting emissions in an eco-compatible perspective.

Ham Factory

Large processing halls and curing chambers can comfortably hold the accurate production of about 160.000 hams per year.
The plant employs a modern technology fully automated through the use of integral robotics in the handling of thighs to integrate traditional craftsmanship with advanced standards of presentation and packaging.
Furthermore there is a line fully dedicated to the production of square hams and an efficient deboning department.


Efficient logistical distribution

Extensiveness of distribution, punctuality of delivery, freshest goods for both national and international distribution.

Customized recipes, innovative products

Simple and tasty products, typical regional and/or personalized foods. A range which includes also innovative products with a high value-added content, ready to cook.

Creation of ad hoc products

Greatest flexibility in the combination of different products, studied and tailored for the needs of each point of sale.
Availability to study new products basing on different clients needs.

Fresh Line

Please download here our brochure to find out more about all our products.


Via Fiumazzo, 773
48022 Voltana di Lugo RA – Italia

+39 0545 72812

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